Financial Runway Calculator

Explore how long you can use your savings to sustain your current expense level.

Monthly Expenses

The average amount of money you are spending per month. While some expenses are fixed, others are variable. The actual expenses value will not be the same each month, but a monthly average is a good indicator.

Current Savings

Current savings refers to all the money you have saved so far. This can be cash, deposits, saving accounts, retirement plan, stocks, bonds, and/or other investments.

Savings Yearly Return

Assuming that your current savings are invested in assets that produce recurring income, what is your yearly return rate?




Your current savings would give you 1 years and 6 months of financial freedom.

What is Financial Runway?

How long you can sustain your desired lifestyle without having to work for money.

Start managing your personal finance

The sooner you start tracking your finances the more time you have to enjoy financial freedom

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