Say Hello to Segmio! Net Worth Tracking and Wealth Management

Diana Neculai·

Pink piggy bank - wealth management and net worth tracking

Hello everyone. I’m excited to write to you for the first time. First I would like to welcome you to Segmio, our own personal wealth tracker that soon we’ll start sharing with you as well. Because it helps us, I’m sure it will for sure help others as well.

We previously founded a tech startup called Froala (acquired in 2018). Since then we read a huge pile of finance books and developed complex spreadsheets to track our net worth and manage our personal finances. The spreadsheets evolved in complexity as we were diversifying our investments portfolio. Soon enough, we started having multiple pain points with our primitive approach of wealth management. The spreadsheets were hard to follow and there was no easy way to keep a history for our finances.

We have to automise our own process of wealth management and net worth tracking. The new process should be easy and intuitive to use, offer elaborate analytics to help us take informed financial decisions. Last but not least, safe and secure enough for us, as computer science persons.

Yet another wealth tracker? No, not really. We built Segmio because we were not satisfied with the existing solutions. Since you are reading this, I guess you’re not 100% sure about them either. Which were our pain points and the things that we were missing? That’s for an entire article and we’ll come back on soon. Just to point out some of the most important, they are a fair pricing and the added value you get out of it. Who needs another spreadsheet with a new interface? And not enough insights to help you improve your own finances? Until then, I’ll let you take a look over our demo account example to have a glimpse of what Segmio is about.

Will it be free? You don’t know us yet, but we always like to be honest and transparent. Any product and service that you use has its own production and management costs. Nobody will be able to offer you things for free at their own expense for a prolonged period of time. Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.

In other words, free products and services will somehow make money from your usage, like for example selling your personal data for marketing purposes. At Segmio, we value privacy and security more than anything. Your data is your data only. Don’t forget that we, as individuals, are the first users of Segmio and we will treat your personal data the same way we treat our personal data.

I’m excited to take the word out about Segmio and share with you the outcome of years of learning and perfecting what we consider the best net worth tracker and wealth management tool.