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"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

— Peter Drucker —

Manage Personal Finances

Gain financial freedom by tracking and planning your personal finances

Track and plan for the future

Our mission is to help you take better financial decisions, improve your finances, and plan your financial future wtih ease and confidence.

All your accounts in one place

Multiple currencies aggregated


Aggregate incomes from different investments and project future expenses.

Overlook expenses

Plan future expenses and understand how to cope with them.

Track your assets

Keep track of your assets' progress over-time for better forecasts.

Net-Worth Tracking & Financial Projections

Do you know your net worth? Is your net worth growing?
How will your finances look in 5 years?

Your Net Worth

Net worth is a measure of wealth. Discover where you stand financially. Knowing and tracking your net worth will help you identify areas of improvement and guide you towards financial stability and growth.

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Investment portfolio

Keep track of all the investments you have in your portfolio. A diverse investment portfolio has higher chances of consistent long term-growth. Measure and compare performances, and know when it's wise to make adjustments.

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Assess your investment portfolio performance by comparing it against well-known market standards: S&P 500, DOW, DIJA, US Bonds, All-Weather, 60/40, and more. Benchmarks allow you to determine how well your investment strategy is working.

Financial Projections

Create projections on your investment portfolio to generate a vast number of potential outcomes. This analytical data helps you understand the dynamics of your portfolio, and empowers you to take knowledgeable actions.

Secure and encrypted

Have peace of mind at any moment with our strong security system

We keep your data safe

Your personal financial information is at stake, and so is ours. We place a strong emphasis on security, and we designed a security system with double encryption to keep unallowed access of data at bay. In the unlikely event of a breach, it will contain only encrypted data which is useless because nobody, except you, can decrypt it.

Plan your finances with Segmio

The sooner you start tracking your investments and plan for the future,
the more time you have to grow your net worth.

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